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Winter Carnival

The Winter Carnival is one of the oldest annual traditions at LAS. In 2016, the much-awaited Winter Carnival was held at Lahore American School in February. This year the National Honor Society organized the carnival with great enthusiasm, a lot of fun and frolic. Mouth-watering food, games, exciting prizes and fun time with friends and family made the day unforgettable especially for our elementary students.

LAS Annual Open House

Lahore American School reaches out to the general public every year. At the Open House, we provide information about our curriculum, give campus tours, provide question and answer sessions with the section principals and give visitors a general sense of life at Lahore American School.


This year, Lahore American School participated in the St. Petersburg Model United Nations Conference (SPIMUN) this year. At the Hague International MUN Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, our team was effective in displaying leadership, teamwork and diplomatic relations.

Classroom Without Walls

Our Classroom Without Walls (CWW) week is more than class trips where students get to visit places they may not have had the opportunity to before; it’s about learning by doing in real-life situations and locations, it’s about challenging yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, teambuilding, and reflecting on what you have learned.

 Christmas Lunch for Support Staff by NHS students

At Lahore American School, we believe in supporting the community in which we live in as many ways possible. We find ways to connect our students with others in their own community and the wider world as an effective means of fostering a caring and compassionate nature.

A number of service initiatives are organized throughout the school year at every grade level and are led by both teachers and students who work together collectively and collaboratively.

One such event is the Christmas Lunch for our support staff.


Alongside academic activities and events, Lahore American School celebrates a number of national and American holidays including Halloween throughout the school year.



Lahore American School celebrates a number of national and American holidays including Thanksgiving throughout the school year. Children are taught to appreciate all aspects of life which they should be thankful for.



Lahore American School aims to provide recreational activities alongside academics. Lahore American School celebrates Christmas too. This year the Elementary students performed a Winter Concert for Christmas.