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Learning Support

Learning Support

Lahore American School seeks to accommodate a range of abilities and interests, but students must demonstrate average to above average grades for admission. Our school provides services for children with mild to moderate learning differences.

The Learning Support Program is designed to help students with learning differences achieve success in the regular academic program as well as increase each student’s skill level.

Learning Support students may have difficulties in one of more of the following areas:

• basic reading skills

• written expression

• listening comprehension

• oral expression

• reading comprehension

• mathematics calculations

• reasoning

To qualify for Learning Support services students are referred to the program by a concerned parent, teachers, and, in some cases, by the student. Teaching and LS personnel share the responsibility and accountability for the design and implementation of strategic interventions. Different tiers of interventions will be implemented and monitored before the student is recommended for a formal psychological evaluation. Eligibility decisions for LS will be made by the team, and facilitated by the LS teacher. For the qualifying student, a Learning Plan will be designed to meet his or her needs by emphasizing strengths, remediating weaknesses, recommending accommodations and supporting access to the curriculum.

Learning support is normally provided with a push-in and co-teaching model. In some cases, however, a special seminar or study period is established for those students identified as needing the additional support. Student enrollment in the program is reviewed each quarter to determine placement for the following quarter.

Students receive specific academic assistance necessary for success in the regular program. Emphasis is on developing reading, writing, math skills, learning strategies and organizational skills. Concepts are reinforced by pre-teaching, re-teaching and supplementing material.

The current support model is both in-class and pull-out. The LS teacher is available for inclusion in all core areas of instruction. Instruction during pull-out classes will be 1:1 and small group. It may be comprised of pre-teaching/re-teaching class work, helping with current assignments, teaching specific reading and writing strategies, developing student study/organization skills, and developing student awareness of their own individual learning profile.Please see the Alternative Path to Success.