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Naviance is a comprehensive, web based resource to facilitate students in making decisions relating to university and career choices. It also encourage them to take ownership of the university searchprocess while at the same time allowing parents access to their individual profiles. As it is web based facility, students have access to its capabilities whether at school, at home or on the road.

Access to Naviance is provided through the Guidance Office. It is necessary that all students in grades to 9 to 12 provide the office with an email account that will be with them for their high school career. Upon receipt of the address, all students will be issued a password to register. When this is done, the student will be able to change the password to something that they will easily remember. Students are encouraged to write the password in a secure place for future reference.

The key functions of Naviance include:

  • A college search and college match facility.
  • Journaling and SAT question of the day.
  • Resume building.
  • For those students that will be using the Common Application for college admissions, Naviance eDocs is an easy way for the counselor to upload all of your needed documents.
  • A counselor’s recommendation and evaluation, teachers’ recommendations and evaluations and transcripts are documents that will be emailed to your university through eDocs.