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MS Evaluation & Reports

MS Evaluation & Reports

In the middle school division of Lahore American School, parents are invited to take an active role in their child’s education and are strongly encouraged to maintain regular communication with teachers.

The school year is comprised of two semesters in middle school, the first running from August to December and the third from January until June. As an important point of communication, parent/teacher conferences are held at the end of the first and third quarters for the purpose of reporting and educational planning. Parents may also meet at any other time during the school year by arranging an appointment in advance via email or a personal note to the relevant teachers.

Mid Quarter Progress Reports

Mid quarter reports show the progress of a student in a particular class at the halfway point of any given quarter. Mid quarter progress reports are sent home for any student with an academic achievement below 70%. This serves as an important alert to parents that their child is not fulfilling subject requirements and conveys transitional information. Mid quarter progress reports may also be sent home to commend a student for his or her efforts or achievement.

Parents are required to sign mid quarter reports and return them to the appropriate teacher. A copy of the report is kept on file in the Principal’s office. In addition to signing and returning the report, parents are advised to meet with those teachers who have issued the mid quarter report as their child may be at academic risk.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued four times per year at the end of each grading period. Grades are reported as percentages as follows :

Grade and Numerical Equivalent Grade and Numerical Equivalent Grade and Numerical Equivalent
97 – 100%
94 – 96%
90 – 93%67 – 69%
64 – 66%
60 – 63%
87 – 89%
84 – 86%
80 – 83%0 – 59%
77 – 79%
74 – 76%
70 – 73%


Semester Exams

Given that one of the purposes of the middle school experience is to prepare students for the rigors of high school, students will take semester exams in each of the five core subjects of math, science, social studies, language arts and either French or Urdu. These exams are cumulative, covering knowledge and skills taught throughout the semester. The weighting for the exams shall be the same as one unit test and will count towards the second or fourth quarter grades only. The weighting is much less than the weight given to semester exams in high school. Students who are absent on the day of the exam are subject to a 10 percent (10%) grade reduction.