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Community Service

Community Service

At Lahore American School, we believe in supporting the community in which we live in as many ways as possible. This also serves as a valuable way to connect our students with others within their own community as well as the wider world in general, an effective means of fostering a caring and compassionate nature.

A number of service initiatives are organised throughout the school year at every grade level and are led by both teachers and students working together collectively and collaboratively.

This year’s major initiative has been to raise goods and funds for those affected by the recent devastating floods in Pakistan. More than 14 million have been adversely affected, many losing not only their homes but their livelihoods. Although not directly affected by the flooding, many of our students have family members in these areas and the cost of food and other products has significantly increased due to a lack of supply.

Other Service Initiatives

Other service initiatives include:

  • NHS Support Staff Dinner
  • Community Recreation & Leadership class support to a family in Sheikhpura
  • Eid Gift Collection from an LAS child to a needy child in Muzzafargarh
  • Buffs for Buffs Program