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Sports – SAISA

Athletics – SAISA

 The South Asia Inter-School Association (SAISA) is made up of 10 member schools in the South Asia region. The purpose of SAISA is to promote and coordinate regional professional development activities, academic and cultural festival, athletic tournaments and other events deemed appropriate by member schools.

The fundamental aim of SAISA is to promote the values of collaboration, creativity, sportsmanship and fair and ethical competition. While we acknowledge the notion of “winning” in sporting events and other competitions, a far more important recognition is that students come together to participate in various activities in the truest spirit of cooperation and competition. By doing so they develop physically, emotionally, creatively and intellectually through a variety of sporting, academic and artistic experiences.

LAS is an active member of SAISA and sends sports, as well as art, math, leadership and MUN groups, to annual competitions hosted by member schools. The 10 member schools in SAISA are spread through the countries of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Students who participate in SAISA events are hosted in the homes of families from the host school, allowing our students to develop new friendships with other international school students.

To be eligible for students activities such as athletic tournaments, the fine arts, music festival and leadership conference, students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.0, received not more than two (2) failing grades in any subject and not have more than five (5) unexcused absences in the previous quarter.

SAISA Member Schools

The 10 SAISA schools are as follows:

  • American Embassy School, New Delhi, India (AES).
  • American International School, Chennai, India (AISC).
  • American International School, Dhaka, Bangladesh (AISD).
  • American School of Bombay, India (ASB).
  • International School of Islamabad, Pakistan (ISOI).
  • Karachi American School, Pakistan (KAS).
  • Lahore American School, Pakistan (LAS).
  • Lincoln School, Kathmandu, Nepal (LS).
  • Murree Christian School, Pakistan (MCS).
  • Overseas School of Colombo, Sri Lanka (OSC).