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At Lahore American School, we prepare our students for a rapidly changing world by ensuring that they are skilled in the use of information communication technology to enhance their academic endeavors and ability to communicate effectively.

LAS is an international school that is dedicated to providing a 21st Century education to all our students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12. To ensure success, we are continually updating and improving our technology and have introduced Google Classroom as our e-learning or distance learning tool.

Our information technology curriculum promotes both active and engaged learning. Our administrators and teachers use online programs such as Google Calendar and Google Docs to share information efficiently and professionally. Our middle and high school teachers also share Testing and Planning Calendars with colleagues, administrators, parents and students and undertake ongoing cross-curricular activities to promote the use of technology across all subject areas.

A dedicated laptop laboratory and computer labs for both elementary and high school and the use of smartboards in the majority of our classrooms ensures that all students have access to the latest technology.

Our Technology Goals

  • ICT will be used as a tool for learning and teaching to engage the interest of all students.
  • ICT will be integrated into all curricular areas and across all grade levels.
  • ICT will be used for differentiated instruction/evaluation.
  • ICT will be used as a means for students to provide evidence of their learning.
  • ICT will be appropriately and adequately staffed.
  • ICT will be a high priority for staff training initiatives.
  • ICT will be a high priority for budgeting.
  • ICT will be used to enhance communications with the LAS Society.
  • ICT will be used to communicate with prospective parents and teachers.
  • ICT will be used for effective and secure record keeping.

Technology Achievements

LAS One-to-One Laptop Program:
  • Secondary students at LAS use laptop computers daily in to enhance learning.
  • Students are able to connect to the internet via the wireless network that is accessible throughout the campus.
Google Classroom:
  • Google Classroom is an online classroom website program.
  • Teachers update Google Classroom on a daily basis to keep students informed about material covered in class, upcoming assignments, learning resources and school news.
  • In the event of the closure of the LAS campus, Google Classroom and the Google Apps for Education suite allows for continuous learning.
Parent Plus:
  • Parent Plus is an online student progress report.
  • Parent Plus

  • Parents can access Parent Plus through an account provided for each student, showing a progress report for each course.
  • Allows both parents and students to monitor student progress