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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement

The Lahore American School offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses for all students who wish to pursue college level study while they are still in high school.

The AP program is a cooperative educational endeavor between high schools, colleges and universities. It gives exposure to college level material and provides students with the opportunity to show what they have learned by taking an AP exam. Based on exam scores, colleges may choose to grant credit, advanced placement or both. Students who enroll in AP courses are encouraged to sit for the AP exams in May.

A student who wishes to enroll in AP courses will be expected to undertake rigorous and sophisticated assignments and to work independently. Most AP courses require multiple page papers and some research. It is important to be realistic about the level and number of AP courses a student can take and still be successful. All AP courses at LAS have strict prerequisites and several require a satisfactory score on an entrance exam.
AP Honors Recognition

The AP program offers several AP scholar awards to recognize high school students who have demonstrated college level achievement through AP courses and exams. In addition to receiving an award certificate, this achievement is acknowledged on any AP grade report that is sent to colleges as follows:

AP Scholar  A student who passes three (3) full year AP exams with grades of higher than 3 is recognized as an AP Scholar.
 AP Scholar
with Distinction
 A student who passes at least five (5) full year AP exams with average grades of at least 3.5 is recognized as an AP Scholar with Distinction.
AP Scholar
with Honor
 A student who passes at least four (4) full year AP exams with an average score of 3.25 is recognized as an AP scholar with Honor.