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Superintendent’s Welcome

Superintendent’s Welcome

kathy message

Welcome to all of our students and their families, and an especially warm welcome to those of you who are new to LAS and new to Pakistan. This new school year, 2016-17, will prove to be a busy and exciting one.

This Secondary Handbook provides parents and students information so that they are fully aware of our LAS mission, expectations, policies and rules for Middle and High School. Please review it and refer to it throughout the year.

Our clear mission at LAS is:

  • Igniting Passion for Learning
  • Connecting to the World
  • Building our Community
  • Preparing for the Future
  • Realizing our Potential


Lahore American School is a place where inspired learning is valued, and it is also a home to our students. LAS is a place where students are welcomed and nurtured, a place where they are valued for their individual characters and creativity, and a place where we learn the importance of taking care of each other and our community.

Our shared goal is to help your children realize their potential. This is only possible when the home and school work together as partners to support your child’s development. Parents, students and school faculty form the essential triangle of learning, which helps LAS students develop into fully formed young adults. This triangle is most successful when parents, students and faculty invest time in getting to know each other, trust each other, and keep conversations focused on what is best for the student’s development and educational needs.

I strongly urge parents to continue to visit our school regularly as active members of your children’s educational lives. Research shows that students who are most successful in school have parents who attended their sports events, assembly presentations, conferences and school celebrations. While you must balance your child’s growing independence with your involvement, it is better to be seen as overly involved than detached from your child’s life. So, even if your child tells you no other parent will come to a given school event, we hope you will attend regardless.

Each Friday, the all-school newsletter, the Friday Flash, is sent to all families electronically. Please ensure that the school offices have your current email address so we can send you this weekly publication. For quick reminders and messages for emergency situations, we use group email and group SMS, so again, please be sure all contact information is up-to-date at all times.

Over the past few years, LAS has made significant progress in the use and integration of technology throughout the school. In the secondary school, students have a one-to-one laptop program, distance learning capability in the event of school closure for any reason (Google Classroom), and Parent Plus, where parents can keep up to date with the progress of their children at any given time. In addition, each classroom is equipped with electronic devices to enhance delivery of programs of instruction. LAS now offers a program of up-to-date standardized testing for Grades 3 through 10 in the form of MAPs (reading comprehension, language and math). Students in grades 9 and 10 also take the PSAT assessment each October. In addition, LAS is a SAT testing center for our high school students.

When you have a question or concern, please contact the school and get the correct information you need. Our school grows and changes each year so it is best to keep informed of the most current information.

I look forward to a wonderful year of learning together.


Kathy Khan