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Counselor’s Welcome

Counselor’s Welcome

annaMy name is Mirrell, and I am the new Guidance Counselor.  I am very excited to be joining the LAS family.

In 1997, I started my education career in Seoul, South Korea in tertiary education.  As I was teaching academic writing in the English Language and Literature Department at Hanyang University, my teaching methodology started to resemble that of a coach or a facilitator.  For 14 years, under my guidance, my students started to flourish and take autonomy of their own learning.  Their successes and failures became my own, and it was then that I realized if I could touch students before they reached university that they would thrive even more.  I started studying my second Masters of Education in International Counseling, and I have never looked back.

My educational philosophy centers on addressing the whole child.  If a child does not feel safe, learning is impaired.  Academics are integrated with social-emotional counseling because often times struggles in school are the first sign of other challenges.  To set students up for achievement, skills of grit, resiliency and perseverance must be focused upon.  I whole heartedly believe that we learn more from failure than from success, and that a growth mind set is essential for a happy, fulfilling and successful life.

My counseling orientation combines Rogerian and Cognitive Behavior Therapies.  A counselor must have unconditional positive regard for a studentto establish a trusting and therapeutic relationship.  Once this relationship is established, the counselor and student can process challenges by exploring a learner’s belief systems and cognitive processes.  I believe that everyone experiences challenges, and everyone has the power to change their thoughts, actions and attitudes.

I am really looking forward to the next year.  Students inspire, motivate and encourage me every day! I truly have the best job in the world!


Mirrell Desjardins

Guidance Counselor