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Life in Lahore

Life in Lahore

Lahore never ceases to provide a multitude of interesting and memorable moments. Located in the cultural heart of the Punjab, it is a combination of the very ancient and the ultra-modern, truly a city in transition. Travelling around Lahore can be an exciting challenge and many of us use drivers when we venture to less known parts of the city. Many of our faculty members choose to hire their own personal drivers although our LAS drivers are friendly, knowledgeable and almost always available for a modest fee.

An eclectic mix of old and new, you will see modern high rise buildings and designer brand shops in some areas of Lahore while in the Old City the architecture is a testament to the famous Mogul era. The Lahore Fort is a Lahorian landmark as are a number of spectacular mosques dotted throughout the city.

Everything you need is available in Lahore including a large range of imported goods. Enjoy the local seasonal fruits and vegetables and shop in the local markets and bazaars. A highlight is the wonderful range of stunning, handmade fabrics and carpets. Tailors are inexpensive and their work is of a very high quality and almost instantaneous.

Lahore abounds in excellent restaurants and fast food outlets including the elegant Polo Lounge, the International Club, Pizza Hut and McDonalds. The city is blessed with a number of beautiful walking parks and numerous gyms and salons. Lahore. Truly a city to inspire and delight.

Salaries & Benefits
Lahore American School is centrally located within the lush, green metropolis of Lahore, the capital of the Mughal Empire and the heart of Pakistan. Lahore is the educational and cultural capital and home to a multitude of world renowned textiles and handicrafts including hand woven carpets and decorative Multan pottery.

LAS has over 400 students who represent a wide range of nationalities including students from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Korea and Pakistan. Our students are matched by a team of dedicated and highly qualified educators who provide individualized instruction in a world class setting.

LAS offers a highly competitive salary and benefits package that includes the following.

  • An air conditioned, furnished house (not apartment).
  • A motor vehicle with 100 liters of fuel is provided per month.
  • A generous tax free salary. 85% is paid in US dollars.
  • A settling in allowance. Shipping support including an allowance and insurance.
  • Paid tuition fees for two accompanying children.
  • A mobile phone with monthly charges paid by the school.
  • A retirement contribution paid annually.
  • TieCare health insurance.
  • Paid flight at the beginning and end of the every school year.
  • A renewal bonus for each additional contract.
  • Battery packs in all houses due to electrical outages.